Moving Checklist

Moving consists of numerous little things you must remember during the process. With plenty of tasks and an exhaustive to-do list, it may be complicated to make everything right and remember everything. 

A well-planned move is a key to successful relocation to a new place. That’s why it is worth creating a moving checklist, as it becomes easier to plan, control, and adjust the process, thus avoiding many mistakes and “hidden” surprises. 

Based on our experience, we prepared a complete printable moving checklist where you can track your progress and get valuable tips to make relocation more efficient, comfortable, and hassle-free. 

Moving Checklist-3.
Moving Checklist

8 weeks till moving

The best way to guarantee a successful move is to start planning early. Eight weeks before the relocation is a great time to make all the necessary first preparations from the moving checklist. With enough time, making adjustments and remembering something is always easier. It is also better to research long and short-distance moving tips from this time to get more helpful information.


The budget is the first step in the moving list where you should start from. Depending on the balance, you can plan your move differently and order additional services such as packing, furniture disassembling, placing items in a new home, etc.

Decide how much you can spend on moving to better rule the process. Typically, a short-distance move costs around $1,000, and a long-distance relocation costs around $5,000.


Moving can be carried out on your own or by hiring a company. If you decide to work with the company, you should explore different options two months before the move. With such, you will have more time to find the most suitable service for you and your budget.


Create a moving folder where you can safely keep all your documents, bank statements, leases, purchases and sales, prescriptions, warranties, and more. It is one of the most crucial moving checklist tips, as it’s easy to forget or lose something during relocation, which may become an unpleasant surprise.

In addition, if you can make digital copies of papers, it will be a preferable option.


If you are moving with children, then 2 months before the move, you should start looking for a school. It will give you enough time to find the best option, as well as allow you to prepare all the necessary papers for transferring children to a new school. 


Like searching for a company, it is worth booking a truck in advance, even if you plan to move to the same city. Van rental is a crucial point in the local moving checklist, as depending on the season and the number of orders, fewer trucks can be available, which can cause you to pay more or even postpone the move date.


Finding storage for your items is a frequent point in the long-distance moving checklist. Determine how many belongings you have and which need to be moved first. Some of your things can be kept in storage, which is especially useful while unpacking or when you need a long-term storage solution while doing other moving tasks.

6 weeks till moving

This period is a great time to create an items list and start doing the necessary preparations before packing.


Even though it is quite a tedious process, inventorying items can help to accomplish the move easier. Write down all the belongings you will bring and sort them by priority, making the packing process more efficient. 


Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and packing paper should be prepared in advance to ensure that all your belongings will be packed and well-protected during transportation. Also, in case of insufficient packaging materials, you will have enough time to purchase them.


The next step in the checklist for a move after inventory is determining what items you don’t need. Throw away, sell, or donate those belongings you don’t intend to bring to a new house.


Measure your furniture and bulky items to determine whether these can fit through doorways, stairs, and hallways. Also, some of these may need to be disassembled before movers arrive.

4 weeks till moving

It is worth confirming the arrangements with movers, beginning to pack some of your items, and informing your friends about relocation during this period.


Select the most suitable moving company from the available options. Get written confirmation of the moving date, cost, and other details that will give you a better idea about the process. Also, you can ask the company about tips for move planning to make your relocation more efficient.


After inventorying your items and sorting them by priority:

  1. Begin wrapping and folding your items.
  2. Start with things you rarely use (for example, if it’s summer, pack winter clothing, etc.).
  3. Pack part of your belongings every day.

With such actions, the process will become more manageable, and you will reduce the risk of forgetting something.

Keep valuables and papers separate, and make sure your fragile items are well-packaged and protected.

Moving Checklist-6.


Labeling is an essential point in the moving checklist. Label the contents and the room for which the box is destined. It will make item inventory easier and help you unpack faster in a new place after moving in. 


In the 4 weeks before your move, you can update your addresses and information step by step. Also, if there are pending orders linked to your current address, ensure you will get them before the move or redirect pending deliveries to a new address.


Inform your friends, colleagues, and family members about the relocation. It will give you time to say goodbye and plan the party before you move into a new home.

3 weeks till moving

During the last 3 weeks till moving, you can transfer utilities and contact service providers from the new area to prepare and make your future home comfortable once you arrive.


Remember to inform your service providers about the move a month before the relocation. It will give them enough time to find new clients after you leave. Also, you can start looking for service providers in the new location.


Sort your belongings and determine which of the boxes you will transport yourself. Valuables, papers, jewelry, etc., are always better to personally deliver to a new house.


Submit your medical records to new healthcare providers. In addition, change your Social Security and Medicare mailing address.


Utilities transferring, such as the internet, water, sewer, gas, electricity, security system, etc., should be on your checklist for the move. Before moving in, ensure your new home has the necessary utilities, especially electricity, water, and the internet. If any utilities still need to be included, schedule their installation dates.

2 weeks till moving

The last two weeks before relocating is the best time to complete your tasks in the current location.


After agreeing on a move date with the company, inform your office about the relocation to ensure that you can fully concentrate on the process during the moving day. 


While you have time before the move, make sure to find a new dentist, doctor, and veterinarian contact in your new area.


While packing, cleaning the house, and preparing for the move, look for any borrowed items in your home. If you found something you have borrowed before, make sure to return it to the owner.


Before moving, inspect your home for damage or things that need to be fixed. It will help you avoid unnecessary fines if you rent an apartment. Also, visit your new house and inspect it to check if any repairs are needed in a new place.


Gym, pool, clubs, subscriptions — two weeks before moving, you can start canceling your memberships or update those if you’re relocating within the same city. Also, don’t forget to update the address for subscription services.

1 weeks till moving

The last week before moving is about packing, cleaning the house, and preparing yourself for further relocation.


During the last week, the packing will become an essential task. Start with one room, and once all the belongings are packed, move on to another. Room by room, and on a moving day, you will be fully prepared. In addition, you can learn tips for moving out and packing to make the process quick and efficient. 


Try to complete all the tasks and errands you have this week. Make sure that you can be fully focused and undisturbed on moving day.


It’s always a good idea to clean your home before moving out. Firstly, it shows respect, and you can also save on cleaning fees. In addition, when cleaning rooms, there is always a chance to find lost items.


Clean and defrost the refrigerator 24 hours before moving out. Also, change your diet and avoid buying perishable foods during the last week.

A few days before

The last days before the relocation should be easy, especially if you planned your move well and started making all the preparations ahead. Just remain focused and check everything one more time to avoid any missing items.


Check movers’ arrival time and other details about relocation. Also, look at your moving checklist and make sure you did everything, especially regarding belongings, subscriptions, addresses, and papers.


Before moving out, inspect the apartment with the landlord to avoid unpleasant “surprises.” If the landlord cannot be present in person, take photos or take a video before you leave.


Discuss a preferable payment method for the company’s services (credit card, check, cash). In addition, even if you will pay with a card, remember to withdraw some money you can use to tip the movers.

Moving Checklist-9.

The day before

The final stage before moving is the last day. Just remain focused and prepare yourself for a move. You would be fine if you did everything correctly during the previous weeks.


Prepare one or a few boxes where you can put essentials and some items you may need quick access to, such as power banks, tools, chargers, documents, paper towels, medicines, toiletries, clothes, shoes, valuables, etc.


Furniture disassembling can be done on the day of moving; however, if you took the measurements and noticed that some items were too dimensional to be conveniently taken out of the house. In that case, you can disassemble bulky items before the movers arrive, saving time on a moving day.


When disassembling bulky items, household appliances, or electronics, you may end up with many small things, such as screws, USBs, cables, adapters, etc. Prepare a small case where you can safely store these parts, so you don’t lose them.

Moving day

Once all the necessary preparations are done, and all of your items are safely packed, we come to the last step — a moving day. All you need to do today is cooperate with movers and control the process, not miss anything and make everything properly.


Take an inventory of your belongings and ensure everything is packed and ready to transfer. Check your item list with the company ones if they match. In addition, take some photos of your fragile and valuable items, which may help you get coverage in the case of damage during loading or transporting.


Before leaving, inspect all the rooms, bathroom, garage, kitchen cabinets, shelves, etc., to check if you took everything. Also, you can leave your number or email to the new tenant or landlord to contact you if they find your lost items.


As carrying things out of the house usually means items will be dragged and slipped across the floor, ensure your carpets and floors are protected. It also applies to doorways and walls in narrow rooms.


Answer the movers’ questions, issue commands, and control the process to guarantee a successful relocation without problems and lost items. The main thing here is to be involved in the process.

After moving day

The main job is done. However, you should still complete a few tasks after you move in.


It is always recommended to clean the house after a move. It would make your stay more comfortable and safer if someone else lived in the house before you.


The safety issue should always come first. Install a security system and change the locks in the house. Make spare keys for family members and service providers.


Inspect the house and check the utilities to ensure everything is working correctly.


Describe your experience of hiring a moving company after the relocation. It contributes to improving the quality of services, fixing mistakes, and helping other people choose a reliable company by avoiding low-skilled movers.

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Bhaskar Nandy
Bhaskar Nandy
March 28, 2024.
Our thanks to Russ and his crew led by Vitaly for doing a professional job with commendable efficiency. Everything went off smoothly; the crew were quite cooperative and worked with a smile all the way through. Hopefully we will explore the next opportunity together.
Jill Chorney
Jill Chorney
March 27, 2024.
Wonderful to deal with and the 2 younger gentleman who did the actual move were polite, professional, and fantastic at taking care of some large, fragile and sensitive equipment. I was not present on the upload end and they did very well to ensure the move was handled with care. I would use this company again and highly recommend!
Kaitlyn J
Kaitlyn J
March 27, 2024.
Definitely use them for your move. I was provided an accurate quote. The movers were on time, professional, careful and friendly. They made my move much less stressful!
Brady Bevers
Brady Bevers
March 26, 2024.
The two movers who came were very quick and efficient in getting my things packed up and into storage. They made sure to be safe with anything fragile and took care to make sure everything was packed appropriately and secure. Dealing with the movers and with Best Movers was very easy and they were extremely reliable. I plan on hiring them again when I move my items out of storage.
Dean Roy
Dean Roy
March 26, 2024.
Was very impressed right from the first contact and conversation with Russ to get a quote for a move from Calgary to Vancouver Island… the process was quick and easy… they were able to meet our move dates… the crew that arrived to load (on a Sunday) were efficient and mind respectful of our home (absolutely no damage)… the items were loaded and shipped directly to our new home on the island… the unloading crew (shout out to Serge) were on time, efficient and again, very careful and respectful of our belongings and our new home… zero damage! The work was done for the quoted amount. I would highly recommend this company as being a very honest, effective, and efficient option for any household move.
March 26, 2024.
THE BEST. Very impressed with every aspect of service. The first phone call, the contract, the price, the 2 movers, on time, proper equipment, very HARD WORKING and trustworthy company. The 2 mover fellows were very good. They were polite, skilled at moving and driving the truck, considerate, worked well together and efficient. I definitely recommend this company. Have had experience with other movers in past 6 years and this company is number one. NOTE: MOVERS names on-line are similar. Others that quote you will call & email talking like you have already booked them.
Mitch Petersen
Mitch Petersen
March 23, 2024.
Extremely pleased with Best Moves, awesome guys. Extremely professional. Hired them to move some large heavy furniture up an extremely tight stairwell, and I couldn't have done it without them. Compared to the previous movers I used these guys were stellar, will definitely be using them again in the future
Tristan Campbell
Tristan Campbell
March 23, 2024.
Best movers I’ve used.
Dominique Picault
Dominique Picault
March 23, 2024.
Absolutely the BEST ! Have moved several times and aware the ins and outs involved. Words can't describe how great ,efficient and professional our service was. Non stop and could answer any concerns we had. Highly recommend this Company and would use them again.
Dana kissick
Dana kissick
March 22, 2024.
Move was very efficient, unfortunately due to weather (snow + ice) caused the move to cost quite a bit more than i was quoted. The two guys that moved me, were very communicative and careful with all my items. They took down and rebuilt my furniture as well. Unfortunately had an artificial plant broken, but the manager rectified this and gave me a refund for this.
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