Moving FAQ

We recommend booking your move with us 1 – 2 months ahead if you’d like to be able to secure a certain day and time for your upcoming move when season is high (May – September). Moving slows down in winter time and 1 – 2 week notice is usually sufficient to reserve your spot.

We do not require a deposit for any local move (within 50 kilometres) when you first scheduling it with us, and we will not ask you for any type of an upfront payment, or your credit card information prior to the move. 

A deposit is required if you are:

  • moving outside of Calgary to a different city or province (50+ kilometres)
  • requesting to reschedule your appointment
  • booking a move outside of Calgary (50+ kilometres)
The deposit will be applied in full against your final bill on the day of the move. 
The deposit will not be refunded if you choose to cancel/reschedule your move and fail to provide a 48-hour notice.

We provide both invoices and receipts to all our customers.

We require at least a 48-hour notice to be given in order to cancel or reschedule your move. Moves cancelled without a proper notice may be subject to our minimum moving charge of $330.00 or forfeiting a deposit.

We can schedule and dispatch your move once you have received, reviewed and signed a quote. To obtain a quote please give us a call or submit “Get a Free Quote” form online.

Every move is unique and the time required to complete it depends on many factors, such as:  

  • weather condition
  • size of your shipment
  • size of the crew
  • access to your place (stairs, elevator, hallways etc.)
  • distance between the origin and destination 
  • if packing services required 
  • if furniture disassembly/assembly service is required

Yes, if the building allows. Dedicated elevator will guarantee smooth and efficient move, there will be no interruptions caused by another tenants, no complaints, and no waiting time.

We provide wardrobe and TV boxes along with mattress bags for any local or long distance move. Other packing supplies (boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap etc.) are provided if packing services are requested.

Travel time charges are a common thing among companies. However, rates are fixed and averaged for each client, so you do not need to worry about external factors such as traffic or bad weather since travel time is already included in the service cost. Among the reasons for the charges are that our team must prepare the truck first to ensure it is safe and well-equipped for your move. Then, before coming to you, movers spend time on the road to get from the office to the pickup location and return to the company office, which includes fuel consumption and team hours.
Most often, the price for the service is an average of $800-2500 for short-distance and $2500-6000 for long-distance. Factors that may impact the price are:
  • The distance between the pickup location and the destination
  • Extra services (packaging, storage, disassembly/assembly, etc.)
  • The number of boxes
  • Your region and city
  • Time of the year (companies may have too many orders and fewer available trucks in some months, which may cause you to pay more)
The best time to move in terms of saving money is most often mid-autumn, and the peak season is usually the summer months.
At Best Moves Calgary, we offer several payment methods to make it comfortable. You can pay by cash, card, money order, or check based on your preferences. Determine which is best for you before the moving day, as it will help avoid unnecessary hassles.  It is worth noting that charges must be paid before items are unloaded at the destination.
It is not the main criterion during the move, and here it is essential to choose one suitable for the specific items. Typically, you will have several types of boxes when preparing supplies, and the most common are:
  • 2-cube – it is the standard and most popular size. Perfect for heavy items (books, shoes, etc.)
  • 4-cube – such boxes are often used for bed linen, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. 
  • TV box – to ensure the safe transportation of TVs or displays, you should select a special package for such items.
  • Picture boxes – pictures and mirrors should be transported in specially designed packs.
  • Wardrobe boxes – these are spacious and handy. Also, the included hanging bar makes it easy to fit your clothing.
It is always recommended to empty dressers before moving. Use special boxes for wardrobe transportation. Often, such have a hanging bar, meaning all your clothes can be comfortably put in and taken out when needed.  With small drawers, clothes can be left inside, but before doing so, ensure there are no breakables.
Our movers are experienced professionals who know how to do their job correctly and have the necessary skills and equipment to carry, load, and ship your items safely. We use high-quality moving blankets, packing tape, and moving dollies to ensure your belongings won’t be damaged during the process. Additionally, we pay attention to your floor and carpets as well. For such a purpose, our movers are equipped with commercial-grade floor runners to keep dirt out of your home. Following the rules, our team of movers will complete the task responsibly and without risk to your belongings, doing the job carefully and with respect for your property.
Unpacking and assembly of furniture are additional services you can enjoy by hiring our company. We offer a wide range of relocation assistance to make it convenient. Our movers can help you unpack and place your belongings in a new house or office and disassemble/reassemble your furniture and other bulky items. To complete such tasks, our team has all the necessary equipment and knowledge of how to do it effectively.
Always pay attention if the company offers a free quote when looking for movers. Reputable service providers will always give you an estimate of your move before it starts.  It can be a scam if you face a company asking you to pay to get a moving estimate quote. Also, avoid companies that refuse to provide a quote before moving, as they may include hidden fees into their services, which can cause you to pay much more for the move than you expected. A great way to choose a reliable mover is to check the ratings of companies in your region and ask for references from friends, colleagues, or family members who have had moving experience.
Yes, after talking with a consultant, you can be sure to get an estimate for your move. It is worth noting that when contacting a company, you must describe the details of your future moving as accurately as possible. Tell us more about the pickup location and destination point, as well as additional tasks (if you need to pick up items from other places), and indicate the number of belongings that will need to be transported. Therefore, pay attention to the preparatory stage even before contacting the company. The more information you provide, the better it is, as it will allow you to get an accurate cost estimate and avoid the hassle.
Moving should always be planned early, which is one of the main points on the moving checklist. You can start looking for a moving company as early as 8-6 weeks before the expected move date. It is enough time to determine your most suitable options and contact companies to evaluate your relocation. It is recommended to book movers a month before the day of moving. Try to avoid delaying this process to prevent a situation where companies have too many orders and few trucks available, which can lead to a higher service cost or postpone the moving date.
No, even in bad weather, you can be sure that your move will occur on the planned day, except for life-threatening natural disasters. The only thing bad weather can affect is travel time. For example, in heavy snow, ice or fog, the driver will drive the truck more slowly to avoid dangerous situations on the road. Also, on hot summer days, some roads may be closed to trucks and lorries, which may require changing the original route. But it doesn’t mean the move will be cancelled or postponed. With Best Moves Calgary, your move will go as planned!
The day before you move, it’s a good idea to set aside one or two boxes/bags where you can put things you might need on the road. Items worth bringing with you are:
  • Essentials (paper towels, toiletries, baby items, etc.)
  • Power banks, chargers, electronics (laptop, tablet)
  • Toys and books for children
  • Snacks, food, and drinks
  • Documents (passport, medical card, papers, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Medications you are taking
  • Items that are valuable to you<
  • Cash 
Expensive and valuable items such as jewelry, antiques, art, money, and collectibles, all these things are usually recommended to be carried on your own to avoid risks.  However you can include them for shipping, but be sure to notify your moving coordinator of these items in advance. In addition, fill out and sign your carrier’s High-Value Inventory forms and the Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration box on the Bill of Lading. It will guarantee your interests are protected if some valuables are lost or damaged due to the carrier’s fault.

When planning your move, it is worth paying attention to what things you will bring to a new location, as moving companies don’t ship items the transportation of which may violate the law or create danger on the road. The list of these items includes:

Gases and Propellants

  • Gasoline, propane, kerosene
  • Barbecue tanks, oxygen, helium
  • Aerosol cans that are not personal care products


  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Industrial explosives

Flammable Items 

  • Fuel and fire starter tablets
  • Oiled rags
  • Hay, straw, stubble


  • Pesticides, arsenic, cyanide, ammonium nitrate
  • Pool chemicals, chlorine
  • Cleaning liquids (ammonia, verso, turpentine, and acids)

Prohibited Substances and Items

  • Drugs and medicines without a license
  • Weapons, ammo, explosives
No, plants are among those items that you should transport yourself. The main reason is that plants are sensitive to their environment and can be easily damaged during loading and transportation. Also, plants suffer from heat, cold, and other external factors that can lead to their death. That’s why moving companies typically do not take responsibility for the plants’ transportation and refuse to move them. If you have plants, make sure there is a point in your moving checklist. Take care of your plants in advance to avoid hassles on a moving day.
Inventory is a great tool that allows you to control your moving better, which is why it is often one of the essential points in guides for moving. An inventory is a detailed list that includes all the items you are transporting, from small personal belongings to furniture and bulky items. In addition, the list also includes a brief description and the condition of your items when the moving company received them. In the inventory form, there is a string of letters and numbers, also known as the inventory code. This code is used to record the status of a particular item. Before moving, if there are damaged belongings, take an inventory tag number for that item and make a note. After the move, you can use the inventory list to ensure that your items were shipped in the same condition as when the movers arrived at the pickup location. With the Inventory, you can always protect your interests and receive coverage for items damaged or lost due to movers’ fault during the shipping process.
Most appliances need to be prepared before moving. Unplug your appliances, defrost your refrigerator, and make sure your items are ready for transportation. Also, contact your coordinator to understand how to do it right and get help from a technician to ensure your appliances will be shipped safely and in good condition.
Our movers are experienced professionals who know how to do their job responsibly and without risk to your belongings and property. At the same time, if any of your items have been damaged, you can contact our after-service & claims manager to resolve the issue. Depending on the extent of the damage and the reason why the item was damaged, you may be eligible for coverage based on your insurance, the carrier’s rates, and federal laws and regulations with certain limitations and exceptions.
Yes, by hiring our company, you can enjoy our storage services to keep your belongings for some time when moving. We provide our clients with climate-controlled storage facilities and steel container storage, where you can safely leave some items. Storage services are handy during in-between moves or when you have yet to decide what to do with some of your stuff. Storage facilities are an additional service you can get by contacting our company.
Yes, if you need to make a few stops along the way to pick up or drop off something, please let us know in advance. When planning your move, we need to know the possible stops, their number, and locations to select the most optimal route and get the mover team’s approximate departure and arrival time.
Yes, extra charges may apply depending on the weight of your items. Loading and transporting heavy and bulky items (for example, pianos, safes, etc.) will cost more than shipping small or medium-sized belongings. Therefore, if you have heavy belongings (300 lbs and more) that need to be transported to a new location, please let us know in advance.
If you have some belongings you don’t want to bring to your new house or office, our movers can dump them. Let us know in advance about such things so we can plan the route and organize the best time to travel based on these circumstances. Please note that this service includes fees.