How to choose a mover

Moving is typically a complex and multi-level process that involves numerous little things. Hiring a reputable moving company with enough experience and competence is essential to accomplish the relocation process without any problems, stress, or damage.

When searching, one may find plenty of options, but how to know which is good and reliable? Here are some of the main criteria worth considering regarding choosing a mover.

Ask and Research

Create a list of options you have found and look at an approximate moving estimate each of them may offer. Companies provide free quote calculations based on your needs, which may help you to find the most suitable one for your budget. Also, ask friends and family members if they can suggest a reputable moving company they have used. Remember to ask the agent for a referral when working with a real estate agent.

Rely on Experience

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If you need help with how to pick a moving company, take into account the company’s experience. Those who have been working for years and have completed numerous orders are reliable and can do the job most efficiently and comfortably. Be careful with “newborn” companies, as there is a chance to face low-quality movers or scams.

Even though experience is not the only crucial criterion, it is still a helpful basis to start with when asking yourself the “how do I choose a mover” question.

Ask about Commercial Liability Insurance

When choosing a moving company, make sure the company is licensed and has insurance. Verify their license number in the DOT database and ask about insurance when transporting. It is crucial to guarantee your items’ safety and coverage if something is damaged or failed due to the mover’s fault. Always think about your protection when deciding how to choose a moving company.

Do not Pay for a Moving Estimate

One common thing among reliable providers is that you can always get approximate moving quotes for free. If you have faced a service provider who requires a fee for the moving estimate, there is a big chance of a scam company that doesn’t exist. Pay only for the job done and avoid large deposits. In addition, if the company demands cash for the service and doesn’t accept cards, it is a sign of an unlicensed mover, so it is worth finding another option.

Hire a Local Mover

Whether you are planning a relocation within the same city or wondering how to find a reliable long-distance moving company, pay attention to the local service providers. There are some benefits to such a decision. First, you can avoid internet scams, as you can visit the company’s office in your area. Also, local companies typically know the best routes and have experience in a particular region. Even if you are seeking a long-distance moving company, the local provider is still a good option, as you can check their equipment and speak with the consultant right in the office.

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Check Reviews and Complaints

Checking complaints and reviews is the best way when it comes to how to find a mover. Use other people’s experience to determine if the company looks credible. It may help you avoid fraud and hire low-quality companies with poor service. In addition, try to determine if reviews have been written by real customers, as bad companies may use bots to make their job look excellent and legit.

Look for the value — not the price

When selecting a moving company, many typically take note of the service cost only. Of course, quotes are essential, especially if you have a limited budget; however, always look at the service list the company may offer. Also, bad providers regularly trick customers with low pricing before moving, yet have several hidden fees so that you may pay way more in the end.

The best way is to find an option where the price meets the service. Take an overall look at your choices to determine the most suitable for your particular case. If you don’t need specific or individual services for the move, choose a company with average or slightly higher-than-average pricing.

Avoid partial or skinny contracts

Always read a contract, and feel free to ask questions about details you are concerned about before signing. Make sure the provider offers you complete, clear, and comprehensive terms regarding relocation, especially when choosing long-distance movers.