We know how difficult and lengthy the redeployment task may be. That’s why we procure convenient, efficient, and trouble-free packing services to simplify such processes!

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Looking for packing services for your move?

Boxing is something like a first step when it comes to moving, and also it is often a long and boring process, as you should not only decide which things you would take to a new house, but collect and pack them. Thus, to make such drudgery easier we procure professional packing services, where all-important operations can be accomplished fast and facile alongside our crew. 

With a deep understanding of how to wrap and box your things for the subsequent carriage, we can accomplish each of the processes faster. Also, accompanied by the moving and packing service one may feel free about the preservation of any fragile and delicate things, as they would be carefully wrapped and protected during conveyance.

By being a highly regarded packing and moving company we procure a whole variety of different solutions. You can not only get your goods packed, but also we can deliver them where you want or keep them in storage for some time, which is especially useful when you are in-between moving. Besides that, our crew helps you to unpack, assemble and set up everything when needed. So if you are looking for a trustworthy partner who can do all the work A to Z, our conversant crew in Calgary, Alberta is ready for assistance!   

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How the packing process works

We put much effort into procuring an efficient, durable, and solid moving and packing service to assure each operation would be fulfilled. That’s why our working model commonly includes an extensive spectrum of solutions we can perform, and in addition, we suggest a friendly and convenient way to recruit our crew which requires minimum effort and time. Packing services in Calgary alongside our team are based on a few easy steps:

Step 1

Contact us and describe your needs, thus we can find the best suitable option to make everything properly and seamlessly.

Step 2

You would receive a letter in the email where you can find out the approximate expense for packing and moving services. 

Step 3

If the entirety terms are okay, confirm the order and we will start! 

Step 4

Our movers will come to you on a scheduled date and carefully box & wrap all of the goods which should be relocated or stored. 

Step 5

Depending on which service options you have chosen, we can then load your goods for conveying or storing, and also procure you with assembling, placing, and unpacking services to accomplish the task. 

Step 6

When all the jobs are done and the result suits your wishes, put in a signature and make a payment via cards or cash.

What moving packing services can we offer you?

We assure plenty of solutions regarding moving and packing services so that one can get the desired result, by selecting an option for their specific needs. 

Full Or Partial Packing 

Depending on the purpose, our crew can carefully pack all of your goods that are in a house, or only some of them which you are considering taking.   

Fragile and delicate things 

If you have bulky, valuable, or delicate things, our crew will box and wrap all of these to protect them and assure dependable future shipment, thus guaranteeing everything will be successfully delivered in the same condition.  


Packing is only half of the path. Once packed, the things should be then unpacked to start using them again, and typically it may take some time and effort. That’s why our crew also suggests unpacking services, which makes you free from such work.

Packing services.
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Assembling And Placing 

Once unpacked or brought to a house, our team also can assemble the furniture, or things and then place them where you want. 


In some cases you can leave your items for storing, usually, it makes sense when you are in-between moving, planning renovation, or trying to get some free space in a house by taking away some of the things. With such a solution, our crew assists you to box all of these and then transport them to our storage.  

Benefits of Working With Us

With Best Movers, relocating can be easy and smooth. This is all thanks to our reliable and top-notch packing companies Calgary.

Experienced Movers

Best Moves has a team of moving professionals who have gained years of experience working in relocations. Our staff is skilled and trained to carefully transport fragile goods. From packaging and storing goods to efficiently loading and unloading them, this team makes sure that every step of the relocation is handled with expertise.

Fast And Efficient

We are committed to making sure that time is not wasted on the move. By understanding our client’s exact needs, we design a highly efficient relocation strategy for them. Our experienced team uses industry-leading methods and high-quality packaging materials to pack your property quickly and safely.

Dedicated Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our comprehensive customer support network is committed to giving you prompt assistance. We address all concerns before, during, and after the move. You can contact Best Movers, one of the best moving and packing companies in Calgary through various channels, including phone, email, or online chat. Our contact information is always available on our website.

Customized Services

At Best Movers, we know that every move is unique. That is why we assess your individual needs and offer personalized packaging and relocation solutions tailored to them. We design plans that work for you! Whether it be a short or long-distance journey, residential or commercial relocation, we provide the resources necessary for an easy relocation. We also offer safe storage spaces for your goods.

Maximum Safety

With us, the safety of your belongings is guaranteed. We make sure that only authorized professionals have access to your goods. Our storage areas have safety locks, alarms, and tamper-evident seals. Our vehicles also have GPS tracking so that you can monitor the location and movement of your goods in real-time. Lastly, we can sometimes ask clients to provide identification or proof of ownership for certain items. This mostly applies to high-value or sensitive belongings that require maximum protection.

Trust us to make your move a memorable success!

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What Our Customers Say

Best Moves Calgary is the best moving company in Calgary and surrounding areas, we have our clients’ reviews on multiple platforms to prove it! We are excited to say that our referral rate is one of the highest in the industry and it is currently sitting at 98%. At Best Moves, we value your feedback and utilize it to keep improving our service to be able to respond to the varying needs and requests of our amazing clients. See what our customers have to say about our award-winning moving service. 

Based on 503 reviews
Bhaskar Nandy
Bhaskar Nandy
March 28, 2024.
Our thanks to Russ and his crew led by Vitaly for doing a professional job with commendable efficiency. Everything went off smoothly; the crew were quite cooperative and worked with a smile all the way through. Hopefully we will explore the next opportunity together.
Jill Chorney
Jill Chorney
March 27, 2024.
Wonderful to deal with and the 2 younger gentleman who did the actual move were polite, professional, and fantastic at taking care of some large, fragile and sensitive equipment. I was not present on the upload end and they did very well to ensure the move was handled with care. I would use this company again and highly recommend!
Kaitlyn J
Kaitlyn J
March 27, 2024.
Definitely use them for your move. I was provided an accurate quote. The movers were on time, professional, careful and friendly. They made my move much less stressful!
Brady Bevers
Brady Bevers
March 26, 2024.
The two movers who came were very quick and efficient in getting my things packed up and into storage. They made sure to be safe with anything fragile and took care to make sure everything was packed appropriately and secure. Dealing with the movers and with Best Movers was very easy and they were extremely reliable. I plan on hiring them again when I move my items out of storage.
Dean Roy
Dean Roy
March 26, 2024.
Was very impressed right from the first contact and conversation with Russ to get a quote for a move from Calgary to Vancouver Island… the process was quick and easy… they were able to meet our move dates… the crew that arrived to load (on a Sunday) were efficient and mind respectful of our home (absolutely no damage)… the items were loaded and shipped directly to our new home on the island… the unloading crew (shout out to Serge) were on time, efficient and again, very careful and respectful of our belongings and our new home… zero damage! The work was done for the quoted amount. I would highly recommend this company as being a very honest, effective, and efficient option for any household move.
March 26, 2024.
THE BEST. Very impressed with every aspect of service. The first phone call, the contract, the price, the 2 movers, on time, proper equipment, very HARD WORKING and trustworthy company. The 2 mover fellows were very good. They were polite, skilled at moving and driving the truck, considerate, worked well together and efficient. I definitely recommend this company. Have had experience with other movers in past 6 years and this company is number one. NOTE: MOVERS names on-line are similar. Others that quote you will call & email talking like you have already booked them.
Mitch Petersen
Mitch Petersen
March 23, 2024.
Extremely pleased with Best Moves, awesome guys. Extremely professional. Hired them to move some large heavy furniture up an extremely tight stairwell, and I couldn't have done it without them. Compared to the previous movers I used these guys were stellar, will definitely be using them again in the future
Tristan Campbell
Tristan Campbell
March 23, 2024.
Best movers I’ve used.
Dominique Picault
Dominique Picault
March 23, 2024.
Absolutely the BEST ! Have moved several times and aware the ins and outs involved. Words can't describe how great ,efficient and professional our service was. Non stop and could answer any concerns we had. Highly recommend this Company and would use them again.
Dana kissick
Dana kissick
March 22, 2024.
Move was very efficient, unfortunately due to weather (snow + ice) caused the move to cost quite a bit more than i was quoted. The two guys that moved me, were very communicative and careful with all my items. They took down and rebuilt my furniture as well. Unfortunately had an artificial plant broken, but the manager rectified this and gave me a refund for this.

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    Requesting the price from Best Moves is quite straightforward. Here is how you can do it.

    You can fill out the form on our website to get a free price estimate. Provide the following details:

    • Full name 
    • Email
    • Phone number 
    • Details about the type you need.

    If you need to speak with our customer support, you can either call or email us and discuss your relocation plans.

    At Best Moves, our skill extends to a vast array of items. We help with all your special packing and transporting needs. Our skilled team can pack and transport items of all shapes and sizes, including but not limited to:

    • Furniture
    • Appliances 
    • Electronics 
    • Fragile Items (glassware and art), 
    • Clothing
    • Bedding 
    • Books, and more. 

    Our careful way of packing and transporting keeps your things safe while we transport them.

    Best Moves has many types of packing materials to keep your things safe when we handle them. This lets you customize your packing to your preferences. You buy these materials directly from us. Our inventory includes 

    • Cardboard boxes in various sizes 
    • High-quality packing tape
    • Protective bubble wrap
    • Packing peanuts (cushions). 

    You can also choose our full packing service, where our team takes care of everything for you.

    Absolutely! At Best Moves, we know that taking apart and putting together furniture are key parts of the process. Our team is well-versed in handling these tasks efficiently. We make sure that we transport your furniture and correctly assemble it at your new location. Our experts carefully take apart your furniture, taking note of each component to enable rebuilding later on. We use special tools and methods so that no damage occurs during this process. 

    We offer different types of insurance to suit your needs and budget. Our cover also varies depending on the terms and conditions of the chosen insurance policy. This insurance protects against loss or damage to your items during transport. We can also provide options for additional insurance for premium goods or specific types of assets that need more protection.

    Yes! We also offer tracking services that allow customers to monitor the status of their relocation in real time. This can include updates on the truck’s location. It will also have estimated arrival times and key notifications. Our tracking capabilities give customers transparency and peace of mind. They ensure customers stay informed at every step.

    We prioritize the safety of your goods during the process. We have many measures to protect them, including

    1. Our moving team is trained to deal with fragile items with care and efficiency.
    2. Our vehicles are well-maintained and have features like GPS so that you can track your goods during transport.
    3. We provide insurance for your goods as extra protection in case of loss or damage during the relocation.

    As a part of your relocation services, we can offer you storage spaces for your goods. We also offer storage for either a short time or a long time, depending on what you need. This can even include temporary storage during transportation. We also include extended storage for items not immediately needed. Best Moves’ storage spaces are always safe. They are climate-controlled to protect your belongings while in storage.